EuroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting and the #OpenScience #SMMBratislava

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Last week I attend the euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, in cooperation with the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI SR). 

The theme of the Meeting was: Research Information and Open Science.

There, I presented SIGMA Research, the solution for the whole Research lifecycle.

There was a lot of information and presentations about OpenData and OpenAccess. It’s clear that there are a lot of things to do already, but the OpenScience movement is evolving rapidly and there a lot of initiatives, tools, services and so on, related. The vision is having a CRIS (Current Research Information System), that integrates with the institutional repository of scientific publications and with the Data Repository, in this way, the CRIS must be able to manage links to the digital publications and the dataSets (import/export). DSpace is a good tool to do so, but there are more: CKAN, and other initiatives.

There was also talk about advances in ORCID implantation, I think that, this unique identifier for authors, it’s key for the advance of the OpenScience, as also should be the unique identifier of research projects.

It was debated about the reasons why the OpenScience (especially OpenData) is not already fully implemented:

  • Journal editors are not always fully aware of the OpenAccess Standards
  • Researchers are willing to deposit papers but lacks the infrastructure to do so
  • Researcher have misperceptions about the principles of OpenAccess

Relevant issues:

Really interesting sessions in the beautiful city of Bratislava, where we could see a lot of examples and initiatives related to the OpenScience, focused especially in OpenData, the current trend.



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